Sunday, June 16, 2013

The N3 Chronicle: an update like no other (100% copied from my eldest sister BLOG whom a Doctor and using N3 Beauty Care)....

Yes, it has been a while since I last wrote and I have been pestered by my sister to update my progress on N3 Beauty product. Well, what I can say -- the products are brilliant! I have since stocked up on my favorite stuff which consist of the following:

Lightening soap -- i used this 'sabun buku' every morning and every night. it gives me a fresh-face and that clean feeling i have always strived for. no oily residue and my skin feels nicely taut after.
N3 gel -- have you ever tried Ginvera Marvel gel? if you haven't i'd urge to try it out or even better, convert yourself to N3 gel altogether. It smells like garlic to me (granted, not the most appealing point to some others) however the efficacy at exfoliating my skin gently is seriously unparalleled to any other exfoliating products out there. This is even better than Ginvera Marvel gel, IMHO.
Whitening serum -- i started using this after the peeling has settled 100% and although I haven't fully seen significant improvement on my sunspots, i definitely love this product for making skin soft and brighter. I reckon I would need to persevere with this one a while longer to see the intended improvement.
Astringent -- ahh, this is just a soothing, nice-smelling and refreshing toner i have used so far. It relaxes my skin and reduces any dry spots within 2 days. And one small bottle goes a long way.
Toner 1 & 2 -- okay, for the record I hate these toners but only because they sting me and I hate any discomfort, however -- these acid-based toners really, really, really works girl&s! for daily maintenance I am using Toner #2 which is much more milder and tolerable than Toner #1. WIth continuous and disciplined use up to twice daily, you will not see any further peeling. However be warned -- if you are like me (inconsistent, hangat2 tahi ayam and ingat2 lupa) you might find that Toner #2 can also cause some micro-peeling following recommencement of application. This occurred to me after returning from my paris trip where my Toner #2 stock had finished and I had been using the astringent until i received my Toner #2 in May. However, the level of skin peeling is not in any way as major as with Toner #1. My skin had reverted to its bright glory (yes how poyo) within a few days without any major hiccups.

N3 Beauty product is pretty straight forward to me. Like any other products, it will only work if you are consistent in using it. What's different about N3 Beauty products? Here's what i think:
It is locally and naturally produced.
It is affordable and does/will not break your (kitty/piggy) banks. Trust me.
It works!
The only supplier I know is my own sister and she is a walking advertisement herself. She has always had beautiful skin, clear complexion without any blemishes, let alone sunspots. With N3 Beauty products, I witnessed the significant improvement of her already beautiful skin into a more glowing and healthy version. sans make-up, i promise you. Now, before anybody accuses me of reaping rewards from posting this -- I can assure you the ONLY reward I am reaping for myself is clearer, softer skin that does not require any foundation. I bought my own N3 Beauty products through her and stock up on my favorite products like anybody else, all expenses paid from my very own purse.

I hate putting up my close-up photo here for the obvious reason (flared nostrils have never been my most flattering features *hehehe*) -- but for the sake of demonstration, or else, i'll be accused of faking my testimony -- here is indeed a very unflattering photo of yours truly today captured via iPhone 4S under natural light, unfiltered.

yes, yes -- i know, not the best quality.
But as your can see, no more peeling or rough skin.
on my face: Kiehls SPF15 face lotion, Clarins UV HP Plus SPF45, NARS Tinted moisturizer in St Moritz and Bobbi Brown Mineral Foundation in Light.

So, should any of my readers are interested in trying out this awesome Malaysian products, do contact my sister Mellissa at Pretty Flawless & Pretty Beautiful or visit her N3 Beauty FB page for more real-women visual testimonials. until then, I shall do my best to be consistent in using these wonderful products for an even better outcome!